Float Therapy | How To Prep + Benefits

I recently got to try float therapy at FloatStilly and it was so cool! If you’ve never heard of float therapy, it’s a large pod filled with water and over 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt. That amount of salt lets your body completely float — it’s so relaxing! It’s a sensory deprivation experience so it also completely dark in the pod. You can play your own music or just float in silence.

I have to admit at first, I was a little nervous because the lid to the pod shuts completely and I wasn’t sure if I would feel claustrophobic. The good thing about FloatStilly is that I could control the lid so I left it cracked open. The staff was so sweet and explained everything really thoroughly and showed us a little intercom that we could use while in the pod in case we needed anything. That was super comforting! 🙂 Oh and I did ask about sanitation and the water is cleaned with commercial-grade circulation, filtration and purification using a combination of UV light and Ozone.

How To Prepare To Float

I really didn’t want to get my hair wet #persiangirlprobs so I asked if there was a way to do that and the staff suggested a shower cap. So I put my hair in a bun and wore a shower cap, but it did still get wet. I was not prepared for my hair getting soaked with so much salt water! It’s not a cute beachy look LOL! And it took 2 shampoos to get it out. So I would suggest that you wear a super tight swimming cap (not shower cap) and load up on lots of conditioner. I really loved the float experience, I think the only thing is to be aware that you’ll have to shower / scrub really well after or else you’ll still have salt all over you. And to prep, they provide petroleum jelly that you can use on any cuts you may have. I would suggest not shaving too close in time to your floating appointment. But other than that, there really isn’t much else. It’s a super easy and relaxing experience!

Benefits of Float Therapy

  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Eliminates fatigue and jet lag and enhances mental clarity
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates stress and energizes and revitalizes body and mind
  • May help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Stimulates left/right brain synchronization

Hope this helps as you prepare for your first floating session. I had an amazing experience with float therapy! Have you tried it? What did you think?

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