All About My Nails! DIY Gel Mani + Favorite Polish Colors

One of the most common questions I receive is what nail polish color I’m wearing. I very rarely have bare nails, there’s just something about having polish on my nails. Polished nails make me feel very put together (even when I’m not….) Also, I don’t like the way my hands feel without polish — it makes me cringe. Anyone else feel me on that?! I frequently change nail shapes — I love short and I love long. Changing nail shape and polish colors is a fun, easy and sometimes affordable way to spruce up your style. I actually don’t love getting manicures but I love going to the salon to get my nails done. But it can become an expensive habit, so I’ve been doing DIY at home manicures for years now. I alternate between going to the salon and doing my nails at home. In this YouTube video, I share all my tips and tricks, tools of the trade, how I get long and strong nails and my favorite nail polish colors!

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