My 2020 Routines | Daily, Weekly + Monthly

I’ve been setting aside a bit of time each day to plan and prep for 2020 — a new year and a new decade! I really want to be intentional about my time so I’ve been brainstorming ideas and finally put together my daily, weekly and monthly routine. While I think it’s important to have routines, we also have to have grace an be flexible. Here’s a look at what I plan to do during each interval of time.


  • Supplements: Magnesium & CBD
  • Movement
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Morning Pages (2-2 pages free write)
  • Meditation
  • Skincare + Affirmations


  • Create: sponsored content and blog posts
  • Consume: 1 podcast and 3 articles
  • Meal plan
  • Review bank and credit card statements


  • Continuing legal education
  • Set focus area / word
  • Improve blog SEO
  • Financial: list income generated, investment analysis, list business expenses
  • Health review & make any necessary appointments
  • Celebrate Accomplishments!!

I hope this gives you ideas on some things you can include in your daily / weekly / monthly routines. As my seasons of life change, my routines may change as well — and that’s why I emphasis the need for flexibility. Let me know what on your list!

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