Whole 30: Week 3 | The Hardest Week Yet + Finding Balance


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I wish I had a better report for you, but Week 3 was H A R D.

People often ask me: Is Whole 30 hard? My answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. Whole 30 is not hard because it’s some crazy and unrealistic diet, in fact in relation to other lifestyles it’s quite the contrary. I think it’s a rather reasonable way of life. Well, I should say, I think it’s reasonable most of the time. If you read my recap post of Week 2, you may think that I was singing a different tune. And honestly, I was. I had so many social activities that I wasn’t sure how sustainable this would be. But then this past week I was researching a keto lifestyle / diet and let me tell you — THAT is strict. (Not going to stop me from doing it though….) So anyway, all this to say, in comparison to other “diets” – Whole 30 is easy. You can have fruits and alllll the vegetables. (I’ll do a keto prep post soon, but basically no fruits! and no sweet potatoes!)


So what keeps making Whole 30 so dang hard for me is external factors like guests visiting and events. This past week my cousin was here visiting me and we had the best time! I loved having here, she’s like my little sister but it’s hard to entertain and also stick to Whole 30. I didn’t go completely crazy, but honestly I didn’t pay strict attention to making sure everything was 100% compliant.



We did a lot of touristy things and the coffee shops were the easiest to navigate while on Whole 30. I either got cold brew coffee and added my own homemade almond milk or I just got an iced tea like these from Intelligentsia in Silverlake. So good.


Our meals were of course a little trickier.

One night we had Thai food. I had yellow curry, which thankfully did not come with rice. And it was made with coconut milk so I think I’m all clear there. We did go to sushi one night and I got a California roll. I took off as much of the rice as I could but there were a few pieces of rice still stuck on it. You know what, I ate it anyway. We also had Persian food which was easy — I just got grilled beef kabob with no rice. So that was fine. And one night we had burgers at Shake Shack and again easy — because I had it wrapped in lettuce instead of bun. But I ate fries! I mean they’re potatoes. I get it that fries are against the philosophy of Whole 30 but I consciously broke the philosophy.


I think that’s the thing with lifestyles and diets. I understand that it helps tremendously to change your mindset as well. But part of that healthy mindset is balance. And I believe it’s also about making conscious decisions about what you’re putting in your body and how it’s affecting you.


So anyway, I’m not going to call Week 3 a total bust, but just a mediocre week.

I’m so excited because for my final week of Whole 30 (I might actually extend one more week to make up for Week 3, but we’ll see…) I’m partnering with Model Meals to have a bunch of prepared meals delivered to me! Ready to eat! Whole 30 approved! I CANNOT WAIT.


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